Habits of mind

December 28, 2015

Comfort zone vs learning

Anything that disrupts and upsets us will end up teaching us something, but the learning is painful.

Our only fuel for getting through the curve balls life throws at us is our inner strength.

Our repertoires are too narrow. They start out wide when we are kids, but soon our thinking becomes boxy. We see things too narrowly and try desperately to fit every new experience and observation into a pattern that already exists in our mind. We have scripts embedded in our brains. We choose too narrow a lens through which to experience the world. We shy away from situations that would challenge us to wade into new territory without knowing  how to respond. We don’t want to be in the state of un-knowing, but that is exactly where the learning is! It’s a mistake to stick to what we know and stick to our routine because we are so comfortable there. It’s a mistake to classify everything that comes into our field of vision as a sub-set or variant to something we already understand.